702 000 Pregleda 12 mil.

Guys... Friday Night Funkin' got me acting up.

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Outro By:
GrittySugar - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat


PO BOX 3089
Farmington Hills, MI 48333

Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.



  1. GOo GOo
    GOo GOo
    Prije 4 minuta

    the kids are called pump(the pumkin)and skid(the skeliton)

  2. Vito Kaslov
    Vito Kaslov
    Prije 30 minuta

    3:18that shit worked so well which is stupid but it is then

  3. Ruv👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹
    Prije sat

    I’ve been Watchcing u since 2012 (in my other account I wanted another account lol)

  4. •demons screaming in your head•
    •demons screaming in your head•
    Prije sat

    7:28 Cory: oh my gosh this is so- ..*remembers the difficulty*

  5. •demons screaming in your head•
    •demons screaming in your head•
    Prije sat

    I never knew how much I liked find until this day. I swear, it’s gonna go down soon..every time I start liking a popular game usually most trending rn, it goes awayyyy

  6. •demons screaming in your head•
    •demons screaming in your head•
    Prije sat

    9.95.. 5 mill. 5 million, until.....*sigh*

  7. Marla Donald
    Marla Donald
    Prije sat

    Cory woke up that morning and choose *R a p*

  8. Spiderman20XD Gaming
    Spiderman20XD Gaming
    Prije 2 sati

    mans 500k left for hitting the 10 mil mark hey man cory well be still here for you when don't do youtube anymore (after you hitting that 10 mil) we'll support you no matter what!

  9. Beth Taylor
    Beth Taylor
    Prije 2 sati

    getting freaky on a Friday night.......but playing this music Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

  10. Unknown_weirdo007 ;p
    Unknown_weirdo007 ;p
    Prije 2 sati

    Those free styles though-

  11. SMOKEY
    Prije 2 sati

    cory: i am smashing this dude... hold on pause on that me:intresting

  12. SMOKEY
    Prije 2 sati

    that was fffffffiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee bro luv the vids

  13. Someone named pablo
    Someone named pablo
    Prije 3 sati

    Cory is the only person that can actually get me still hyped to this game imma miss this almost to 10 mill but we will stand strong

  14. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ вυттєя
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ вυттєя
    Prije 3 sati

    He’s at 9.95M subs 😭😭

  15. Thad Rhodes
    Thad Rhodes
    Prije 4 sati

    I heard your song on my dad's phone

  16. kakashixkenshin
    Prije 4 sati

    Miss you cory....

  17. noir
    Prije 5 sati

    Is I'm the only person that realized Cory is knocking on the door to 10 million subs

  18. God is King
    God is King
    Prije 5 sati

    This game is just a vibe

  19. Benjamin Sargent
    Benjamin Sargent
    Prije 5 sati

    This game and Cory have a special place in my heart ♥️

  20. Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer
    Prije 6 sati

    9.9 mil 😔

  21. meltingmeteor
    Prije 6 sati

    i keep coming back to see if cory has uploaded a new friday night funkin video since week 7 is already up, but there aren't other recent videos besides the 9 million one....

  22. Man of tanks
    Man of tanks
    Prije 6 sati

    In remembrance of the samurai 🥺 he will be missed

  23. fruitfingers
    Prije 6 sati

    1:47 if your so confident rhen do mincraft in hard mode,also play week 7

  24. Yzabel Ceballes
    Yzabel Ceballes
    Prije 6 sati

    Btw nice dance moves cory

  25. Yzabel Ceballes
    Yzabel Ceballes
    Prije 6 sati

    Cory: swings head

  26. Christie Tafoki
    Christie Tafoki
    Prije 7 sati

    These vids never get old lmao 🤣

  27. Music World
    Music World
    Prije 8 sati

    I told my parents it’s last or a modern day version of guitar hero but with arrows

    Prije 8 sati

    Hey press r and it will unlock A secret week it's hard trust me

  29. Amarion Parker
    Amarion Parker
    Prije 9 sati

    Cory said NO My finger was glitching

  30. pia lopez
    pia lopez
    Prije 10 sati

    cory do u really have a brother

  31. pamela burks
    pamela burks
    Prije 11 sati

    He is a legend of funny

  32. pamela burks
    pamela burks
    Prije 11 sati

    I love his videos

  33. ImKionte
    Prije 11 sati

    cory says he needs to concentrate but he doesnt concentrate 4:58

  34. Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee
    Prije 12 sati

    I love this video 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Kob Cap
    Kob Cap
    Prije 13 sati

    3:21 that “what the freak” matches the song lol

  36. Kwelimeliman
    Prije 13 sati

    Let’s go

  37. Valerie Gatewood
    Valerie Gatewood
    Prije 14 sati

    That freestyle thooooo

  38. Therealgamer1472 Hernandez
    Therealgamer1472 Hernandez
    Prije 15 sati

    Cory: "i cannot freestyle when i play this game" Him: Freestyles

  39. Intesar Dajah
    Intesar Dajah
    Prije 16 sati


  40. Ethan Walmsley
    Ethan Walmsley
    Prije 18 sati

    bro I miss Cory so much 😢

  41. Rihanna Carr
    Rihanna Carr
    Prije 19 sati

    Ayee that intro is fire🔥💥

  42. Nur Syamimie Najwa
    Nur Syamimie Najwa
    Prije 20 sati


  43. Indiaaa
    Prije 23 sati

    Bruh that chair tho😑

  44. Janaes vlog
    Janaes vlog
    Prije dan

    I’ve been nonstop re watching all his videos he’s the best and super funny

  45. Raiden Redhair
    Raiden Redhair
    Prije dan

    He's almost there 😔😔

  46. Koda Salas
    Koda Salas
    Prije dan

    9.94M almost there

  47. Zarri Brantley
    Zarri Brantley
    Prije dan

    are IP Creek kitchen died in a plane crash 2021 two 2025

  48. Garcello
    Prije dan

    You just earned yourself a new subscriber, i’m here to help only if it’s just from me. ❤️

    1. Garcello
      Prije 14 sati

      @zane is da best Yeah, i’ve heard. I’m really hoping that he posts something before he gets to 10 million though

    2. zane is da best
      zane is da best
      Prije 15 sati

      What’s he gets 10 mil he’s done if you didn’t know so that’s sad

  49. Imnotexistent.
    Prije dan

    E v e r y b o d y l o w e r h i s s u b c o u n t t h e n h e c a n t q u i t-

  50. MAB3L0
    Prije dan

    I dare Cory to rap to at least 4 songs of his choice from this game (except the menu screen he already did that)

  51. the crazyalligator playz
    the crazyalligator playz
    Prije dan

    Great singing

  52. fnf yellow miuns fnf #fnf #plays games
    fnf yellow miuns fnf #fnf #plays games
    Prije dan

    l what him back :(

  53. fnf yellow miuns fnf #fnf #plays games
    fnf yellow miuns fnf #fnf #plays games
    Prije dan

    cory is come back :[

  54. MAB3L0
    Prije dan

    3:19 😙👌

  55. funny shorts
    funny shorts
    Prije dan

    Cory: hits a perfect note on south flops on his chair

  56. princesa Rodriguez
    princesa Rodriguez
    Prije dan


    Prije dan

    He was a one of the pioneers of youtube

    Prije dan

    The time he reaches 10 mill will be too soon

    Prije dan

    He almost at 10 mil

  60. Tyler Gensel
    Tyler Gensel
    Prije dan


  61. Tyler Gensel
    Tyler Gensel
    Prije dan


  62. Tyler Gensel
    Tyler Gensel
    Prije dan

    Hi cory

  63. Rialy ball
    Rialy ball
    Prije dan

    I love ur vids I have been a fan ever sense I was3

  64. john asaah
    john asaah
    Prije dan

    Thats skid and pump kids in a costume

  65. Esmeralda P
    Esmeralda P
    Prije dan

    On the way up to 10M

  66. Khalid Reed
    Khalid Reed
    Prije dan

    I got you Cory

  67. Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams
    Prije dan


  68. Seth Cataudella
    Seth Cataudella
    Prije dan

    1:20 DaCory?!

  69. Luis The Leftover Pizza
    Luis The Leftover Pizza
    Prije dan

    ...I miss you, Cory.

  70. Monica Garcia
    Monica Garcia
    Prije dan

    so koryxkenshin have you heard about the mods? because they are in friday night funkin go look it up and look up how to do it some are hard some are easy. its really fun. gOoDbye and the pumpkin and skeleton names are skid and pump

  71. Chrisss
    Prije dan

    Uh oh EDP’s in the vid as a meme that didn’t age well...

  72. CoryxKenshinFanSamuri
    Prije dan

    1:03 when I get a test

  73. ッ.AVery. ッ
    ッ.AVery. ッ
    Prije dan

    not him dancing to the tutorial music 😔

  74. PGHL films Fan
    PGHL films Fan
    Prije dan

    Man I miss Cory

  75. Sunburnt_duke
    Prije dan

    My senior quote is gonna be "Getting freaky on Friday night my name is coryxkenshin aka the samurai"

    Prije dan

    *does dance

    Prije dan


    1. some major channel
      some major channel
      Prije dan

      ayo that’s mean

    Prije dan

    That was the day after my birthday (:

  79. Sky Sky
    Sky Sky
    Prije 2 dana

    I like how do you make the 1st music Of DB gaining

  80. Asz Ailiza
    Asz Ailiza
    Prije 2 dana

    Wow you cool😎

  81. Asz Ailiza
    Asz Ailiza
    Prije 2 dana

    "you got blue ball"

  82. Shadøw Søul
    Shadøw Søul
    Prije 2 dana

    5 months ago... Wow

  83. darks side squad my user :stargirlrosi
    darks side squad my user :stargirlrosi
    Prije 2 dana

    Cory I'm 10 and I better than u lol but u me fan yt bc u funny :D

    1. darks side squad my user :stargirlrosi
      darks side squad my user :stargirlrosi
      Prije 2 dana


  84. Dahlia Yellin
    Dahlia Yellin
    Prije 2 dana

    This man don,t no sr. Pelo

  85. James Jones
    James Jones
    Prije 2 dana

    Cory: im quiting at 10 mill Also cory: takes a break ILY Cory

    1. Man of tanks
      Man of tanks
      Prije 6 sati

      He will be missed 😭😭😢

  86. Dorito horse
    Dorito horse
    Prije 2 dana

    I wish he could a last video of him playing mods and week 7 :(

  87. Dorito horse
    Dorito horse
    Prije 2 dana

    I wish he could a last video of him playing mods and week 7 :(

  88. Vanny Afton (Queen knifes)
    Vanny Afton (Queen knifes)
    Prije 2 dana

    Cory: im hittin every note Me: ok so where going to cut out all of the other notes you missed-

  89. Karen Demps
    Karen Demps
    Prije 2 dana

    "Getting freaky on a Friday night My name is CoryxKenshin A.K.A. The Samurai I pull up on the scene looking sharp as a knife Yo, why you sitting there? Slice that like, do it nice, yeah Beat sounding clean, neck noddin' stupid, bro What do Dashie say? Yo, who was in the studio? Now I'm on the stupid flow Competition nonexistent Stay runnin' your mouth then get the freak up off the premises Sorry to inform: This is not my final form I got four more, after that, then four more Eight gates, sucka, I'm opening all doors I store more key in my core than Ferra Torr I don't know man I'm just built different Friday Night Funkin' That's a cool listen Samurai strong We 'bout to get it poppin' No losses in sight The Samurai we never stoppin"

  90. Yrn Tv
    Yrn Tv
    Prije 2 dana

    Cory please don’t go

  91. Mateo Buckingham
    Mateo Buckingham
    Prije 2 dana

    Has more views than the amount of your subscribers

  92. Ta-Shawn Parker
    Ta-Shawn Parker
    Prije 2 dana

    he is soooooooo good

  93. Z_the _gamer
    Z_the _gamer
    Prije 2 dana

    im smashen this dude 6:10

  94. victoria jordan
    victoria jordan
    Prije 2 dana

    Victoria im 6

  95. Tyson Daniels
    Tyson Daniels
    Prije 2 dana

    not gonna lie he was a little insane

  96. Ganesh Kumar
    Ganesh Kumar
    Prije 2 dana

    Don’t want Cory to retire but he deserves it 😔😣😢😭

  97. Gavin topicz
    Gavin topicz
    Prije 2 dana

    The beginning got me hyped

  98. Dear Sal
    Dear Sal
    Prije 2 dana

    MAN THIS GAME IS FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:08

  99. Santino Evans
    Santino Evans
    Prije 2 dana

    Friday night